Fe3O4-polyethylene glycol-Cyanine 5.5

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R-C-910 3ml 1230.00
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Product description

Fe3O4 is a compound with the chemical formula Fe3O4.It exists in nature in the form of magnetite.Fe3O4 contains Fe2+and Fe3+ions,sometimes written as FeO.Fe2O3,Fe3O4 is most widely used as a black pigment.Cyanine 5.5 is widely used not only as a biomarker,but also as a derivatization reagent for some small molecules.Cyanine 5.5 is a common near-infrared fluorescent dye.

Appearance N/A
PEG Molecular Weight 1000,2000,3400,5000,10000 Dalton
purity >95%
PDI by GPC <1.5
Concentration 1mg/ml
Storage Dry storage at 4 ℃
Transportation 4-25℃ temperature for up to 2 weeks
Stability 1 year

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