cRGD@PLGA-Fe3O4 /Ferulic acid

cRGD@PLGA-Fe3O4 /Ferulic acid

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R-C-5319 50mg 2285.00
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Product description

cRGD@PLGA-Fe3O4 /Ferulic acid is a kind of Targeted therapy drug complex based on nanotechnology. CRGD, as a drug molecule targeting tumor cell membranes, can improve the accuracy and effectiveness of drug delivery; PLGA and Ferulic acid have good biocompatibility and biodegradability, enabling efficient targeted delivery and controlled release of drugs; Fe3O4 nanoparticles can provide magnetic localization properties for drug delivery complexes and can be used for applications such as drug controlled release and cell imaging.

Appearance N/A
PEG Molecular weight N/A
purity N/A
Storage -20℃ protected from light and moisture
Transportation 4-25℃temperature for up to 3 weeks
Stability 1year

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